Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Show Shared Exchange Calendar CRM Microsoft

One time a college ask me if he can see calendars of his boss and colleges in APR, i say yes of course, go in the outlook, then folder of exchange and then find the shared calendar, ok after almost 2 minutes she found the calendar and ask me, "what i do when i am in the phone..." well i understand his problem then in the phone call i create a popup page in html that make outlook view in html page, sow i did this in the html page:

<--object classid="clsid:0006F063-0000-0000-C000-000000000046" id="OVCWPQ1" width="100%" height="485px" param name="Folder" value=[Folder to shared calendar in exchange] /-->
< param name="Namespace" value="MAPI" />

Of course this is a litle example, i create litle more complex with 2 calendars and a lists of shared calendar paths that change with vbscript.

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