Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Sync File from Sharepoint 3.0 site Offline Online

Oh my good, my praids are answer, but the best of all everything work´s well.
THANK YOU "Chris Johnson".

How this Work.

Very easy
Donwload SyncToy v1.4
This litle software will make the sync.

But Before you have to create a network connection to you sharepoint site where are the folder you want to sync, there are 2 ways to do this.
Justo open explorer and create the new network unit.

Or create by msdos, like i show in other post you can create network folder with authentication to you sharepoint like this:
net use http://[site]/document /user:[Username] [Password]

After create the network folder verify if are there the documents.
After this you configure SyncToy.
The 1 folder(Left) where will be the offline Folder with Documents.
The 2 folder(right) will be to the network connection (Z:) where are Documents of sharepoint site.
Just simple like that, then after this you will only have to run or preview and it´s done...

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