Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Sharepoint upload Web part

Some days ago, have a question?
Want control the upload events after upload my document.
Ok, i know we can control the redirect pages and the pages.
But i want to give to the customer a easy and fast way to send documents to the document library, and give him the oportunity to chose where want to go after upload, so i create 2 parameters.
1º The name of the Document Library
2º The page you want to redirect, after you upload file or if you want to cancel.

Just easy like that,
Hope this webpart will help you....

My Sharepoint Webpart.
Upload Webpart


New parameters
1º Enable/Disable Redirect Links on button On or Cancel
2º Active redirect link on button On or Cancel
3º Enable/Disable Overwrite option
4º Enable/Disable Multiple upload option
5º Enable/Disable Redirect Links on Multiple upload
6º Select Document Library to upload Document


New parameters
1º Enable Default web site (this option will get all Document Librarys from current web site)
2º URL Web Site (Will get all Document Library of that web site)

Now you will have the capability to upload Documents to every Web site and sub sites where the user have permissions.


New parameters
1º Validation Button OK (Upload? yes/no)
2º Validation Button Cancel (Close Window)


New Parameter
1. Current Document Library View to Upload Documents
2. Select View of Document Library is not complete.


New Parameter
1. Link to select Document Library.
2. Print Current Document Library View in new Page.


New Parameter
1º Progress Bar
2º Root Folder
3º Expand/Hide "Upload","Document Library View"


New Parameter
1º Create new Menu Options
2º Create Shortcut
3º Print Options (Print Page, Print Web Part)

Now you have the hability to input some reference like send direct e-mail or redirect html page, and associate the image to the content.


New Parameter
1º Change Document Library dinamyc (Enable/Disable) option.

New Parameter
1º Block File Extension example(.pdf.doc)


Anonymous said...

hello is it possible to include a parameter from the previous form i.e. "TaskID" and include it in the filename?

André Lage said...

with version is possible.

Anonymous said...

I used the setup to deploy the solution but i cannot see the web part, i read it should be under miscellaneous but i don't have it. neither i see it under site feature.
using stsadm says the solution is already deployed to the site I wanted.
also tried to redeploy it using stsadm but no luck.
what am i missing?

André Lage said...

Have been many updates...

After install go to "[site]/_layouts/ManageFeatures.aspx?Scope=Site", Activate Feature.

Then you can start add the Webpart,
is under Tab "Upload"

Anonymous said...

I found out it is under site collection features.
One other thing: if I have content type enabled on the doc library with required fields, this web part skips that,
whereas using the upload button in the doc library the user gets prompted to fill the required fields.

philou said...

Hi, I try to use this component.
I get a problem with the destination listbox. It's always empty...

Any ideas ?

André Lage said...

Dropdown will list existing folders inside the Document Library. do you have folders?

Unknown said...

Hi, i want to use this solution in site with anonimous access enabled, the source code is available for download? i need to add elevated privileges delegate to file upload method. best regards.

DamolaOsindero said...

Hi Andre,

I would like to alter the application so it reads metadata from a pdf or office doc before uploading, also change the css.


JaxBen said...

The installer is failing on me. Is anyone else getting this problem?