Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Business Objects Dashboard Sharepoint MOSS2007 Solution Architecture

Business object is a very powerfull Tool in BI World and Web Inteligence Reports are so great to users because can make their own reports, but to intregrate Dashboard with Sharepoint the Permorfance can be slow when opens a report?

This Architecture try to have a better performance on reports.

Have Business Objects in one side and Microsoft Sharepoint 2007 in the other.

Need to create Dashboards on Sharepoint from Business Object reports (Web Inteligence ) but if i use Business Object Web Part, is a excellent BI Tools but need to aware of a lot of possible issues like Authentication, performance(Loading Reports with huge amount of data can take some time) ...

If you need real time Data, you will need to use Busines Object Web Part or you can make code to call the reports in your SharePoint environment.
Here some articles:
Business Objects XI R2 List Treeview Reports With SharePoint
Business Objects XI R2 Search Web Part Sharepoint Part II
How to get user Token Business Object XI R2
"Single Sign-On and Active Directory-SSO with Integration Option for Microsoft SharePoint XI 3.1"

If you need to show temporary reports like "Performance of the day" or other time define Reports and Dashboard you can create or solution like this:

So need to improve performance page loading on Sharepoint Dashboard, html page can be a solution.
I reach this Solution (I dont say it the best, If you have one better, you can help build...).
Schedule every day the web Inteligence report to a Html page and Show in Sharepoint by Dashboard.

1º Step, Business Objects Reports
Schedule BO to send every day a Email with report with excel file,
"Dont now how to send Html file..." :(
You can send to a phisical folder, (Local Folder Server or FTP)

2º Step, Incoming mail will redirect to Document Library (If you chose Email)
There Document Library will start Event Handler to convert XlS file to Html

3º Step, Create 2 Webpart.
First will list Report Files.
Secont will show Report in HTML.
Create a connection betwen Librarys.
Loading Reports will be fast.

I jump many and many adminstrations steps, "exchange folder, acounts, etc" but just want to show a global idea.
Ok now is done,
Permission problems?
Can use the sharepoint Permission to control Access.

I also recomend install "Business Object XI Release 2 SharePoint 2007 Integration Kit" WebParts are very usefull, but have some limitation like only work with 32 Bit...

Hope this article help you.


cris said...

Hi Andre,

the website of Business Objects release a SharePoint 2007 Portal Integration Kit !!!!

Try to test to see if help you that link... I will be doing the same thing in a couple of week

André Lage said...

Already have deploy and try, but have problems with single sign on, and other things....