Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sharepoint "to many Things" what to use?


Today will try to example a way to pick SharePoint, This tool is very powerfull, but is very complex to.

The concept one person can do everything, dont works here.

People when start working need to create a team and separate functions.

Thinks sharepoint like a Triangle,

  1. If you use the default customization that sharepoint have, they are good, to simple company who only want list library, Document Library, Version, if you need new column just add, they are just great, there so many things inside normaly people dont know they exist, site columns...
  2. Sharepoint Designer 2007, If you need to change layout, new masterpage, create connections to Databases (SQL,ORACLE,Web Services), use controls without many develomp, you can use with drags and drop, some of the feateures can be complex, and sharepoint designer have a Workflow designer i consider great "simple and direct". You create simple and direct pages (Html, aspx) that use web parts, sharepoint Designer have direct connection to Sharepoint Web Parts. Connection to list and other webpart can be easy and superb, you can create webparts "Data View" of data and make filter between list and data in a easy way, and Webpart connections (Consumer, Provider). Hummm you read this and think "great, this is what i want".
  3. Well 3 part of my Triangle is Visual Studio, is the last thing we should pick :P, this "weapon" in good hands can change everything, like complex Workflows, Event handler, site features.... can go all night.... But, yes in life we will meet big buts, the cost of develomp and the time you spend. If you are a senior developer and never saw this GREAT TOOL, will need to use all your skills in ASP.NET, Configuration, network, need to study and read a lot os page and read SDK WSS, and books, can be a high cost in final project. Need a Team not solo.

Hope this litle article help.

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