Sunday, March 01, 2009

SharePoint Custom Action Server Postback

Well creating Custom Action"Menus, Lists, System Admin,..." on Sharepoint is very normal using "sharepoint rights" of course, "every client ask that" and normal is done easy and when we want to use some link or other Menu action call "Element.xml" when we are creating Our feature and add:
"custom action" 
     "UrlAction" -> call a custom URL can recive values from header querystring like "List"...

If we want to control the menu by code we need to register the DLL assembly on our Element.xml file use the 
"custom action" and register our class
ControlClass="[Class Name]">

The controls we can use to add new menus are:  
[class] : WebControl

When we want to make some action on MenuItemTemplate whe have to call .ClientOnClickNavigateUrl  "prop" that call the url, but if we want a post back then we need to call:
[class]: MenuItemTemplate, IPostBackEventHandler 
and create the post back and there "Mohamed Zaki" make a great job.

PS: There are midle step we need to make but the idea is a way to create postback on Sharepoint Menus 

Hope this help

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