Thursday, September 30, 2010

SharePoint PT Day

Yesterday was a great day :)

The Portuguese SharePoint User group with a lot of support from Microsoft and all the sponsor just create the SharePoint PT Day, was such a great event :), very good speakers a lot of people >140, a lot of surprises and a lot of SharePoint
Who was there have many diferent point of view about SharePoint - BPM, Upgrade 2010, SharePoint Online, ALM.... :).
The Videos and documents will be shared by the comunity stay tunned :).

A special thanks to all speakers:
  • Joel Oleson
  • Mark Miller
  • João Bilhim
  • Denis Heliszkowski
  • Rui Melo
  • Rodrigo Pinto

Hope this will be the first o many event with another big spekaers...
See you soon. :)

Eheh sorry Joel the teaser video to SharePointPt event is just to funny :), Congrats Rodrigo, Abraço...

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