Thursday, October 21, 2010

Access to SharePoint 2010 External List (BCS) using Silverlight

Hi all,

Today I was preparing a little example about List result using External and Silverlight and like always I get a surprise not a good one….
Normally I use the REST Services to access to my List Data and make the Filter results using URL query Parameter, but for some reason External List cannot be access using REST Services…. Sad smile

After a little research using the http://[Site]/_vti_bin/ListData.svc Service I didn’t find my “CustomContact” List….

After that I just say, i am totally screwedbut in 2 seconds i remember used DataView Web Part for the External List using SharePoint Designer 2010 and start make a little research how is made and for my surprise I found a CAML View I could use for my Query on Silverlight and I say “Thank you SharePoint Designer 2010”  something you will never hear from me with SharePoint Designer 2007 Smile with tongue out.


Access to the CAML Filter and make the query in Silverlight.


After save the CAML Query and clean all parameters don’t use add on my Visual Studio 2010, even being careful adding the CAML I forget add all “<FiedRef>” and this post from the SharePoint Forum help me remember what I need to this CAML Work.

External6 External4

Here you have the final result with a Grid displaying the Result from the External List using the Silverlight.


Hope you liked and hope can help you grab information from External List using Silverlight…


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