Monday, January 24, 2011

SharePoint CKS Project new Release 1.2

The CKS: Development Tools Edition Project is one of the most interresting project created for the SharePoint Community, to help customize the SharePoint Solutions.
I really think everyone must have this project and validate in what can help you to turn your life more easy...

Verify what the new release of the CKS Project have...

The current 1.2 release includes the following features:
WSPBuilder conversion tool (WCT) beta - This 'beta' release of the WSPBuilder project importer project template allows a developer to migrate a SharePoint root based project structure to the new SharePoint Tool SPIs based file layout. The WCT is packaged with both Foundation and Server editions of CKSDev.
Improved Quick Deploy - Stability improvements to the Quick Deploy features.
Keyboard shortcuts - Introduction of Keyboard shortcuts for the menu items provided by the extension.
Updated Full Trust Proxy SPI - Improvements to the Full Trust Proxy SPI to include the deployment feature receiver.
Restart processes menus - Restart the Timer service, User code process and the VS host process.
Attach to processes menus - Attach to the Timer service, User code process and the VS host process.
Solution level Package all - Package all SharePoint projects within your solution from the Solution context menu.
Improved import Content Types - Improved to now support importing from subsite content types.
Branding SPI - New SPI providing branding with masterpage, css and deployment feature receiver.
Improved Fluent visual web part SPI - Improved code output to provide a more robust example code base.
Basic service application SPI - New SPI for a basic service application.
WCF service SPI - New SPI to produce a WCF service hosted within SharePoint.
SharePoint PowerShell cmdlet SPI - New basic PowerShell cmdlet SPI.
SharePoint PowerShell pipe binding SPI - New basic PowerShell pipe binding SPI.
Improved copy assembly name menu - Includes build project call during copy.

Good work :)

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