Monday, April 18, 2011

DataView Web Part with Ajax SharePoint Designer 2010

This Article will try to explain how to activate the Ajax options for DataView Web Parts.

For this example i created a new clean .aspx page where i will add the custom Dataview.

After create the page we can access to page and select the Data View and select the List do Display in the Form.

After we add the List View, we can use the Web Part options to add Ajax Script asynchronous update, one refresh button and the time to refresh content of the ListView.

After we select the diferent options and watch the code we will sse the script manager and the async methods are updated.

If you open two form side by side and add new item on right Fomr, if you wait 15 seconds the new item will appear on the Left From using the Ajax Methods.

The question we need to make is, What is happening on Background??
To analyze the behavior open Fiddler and after 15 second waiting Ajax fire the page load content, returning 6kb of content...
Now imagine if you go for a coffee and let the page load every 15 seconds in 60 seconds will be 24kb now imagine your content is 50kb for 60 seconds will be 200kb.... If you have a company of 100 users and all are accessing this page then the values are more impressive, 20000KB per minute...
So Nothing is free and always evaluate the impact of the ajax actions....

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