Friday, April 15, 2011

Site Manage access Request Multiple accounts

This Article will explain how we can add multiple users for Access request notification using Site administration option.

The little article and trick will help using normal email l sending configuration and how we can use on "Access request notification", first we need to go to "Site Action> Site Settings>Permission" there we have the option "Manage Access Requests".

When we access "Manage Access Requests", we can define one or multiple users to be warn about the request, a lot of people think this is limit to "one user" that is not true, only need to add a semi-colon (;) to separate the emails account.

With this change you can define multiple users for the notification access request email, very easy and simple...

It is possible to change this option using SharePoint API to change the request Access email you can use the Web property "RequestAccessEmail". To change this property you need to ensure in Central Administration the option "Outgoing e-mail settings" is configured.
The first thing i did was using a Explorer Viewer of SharePoint Properties like this tool "" and validate the state of "RequestAccessEmail".

Example of the code to change the property "RequestAccessEmail".

 Validation of the output with the new changes.

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