Friday, June 03, 2011

“My Sites” Links without “Tag and Notes” option

Some time ago have one request from a client about the option the social features.

PS: to correct this issue please update your SharePoint Server with Service Pack and everything should work fine.

This client had special configurations on the SharePoint and didn’t wanted to activate the “Tags and Notes” option to don’t confuse the final Users, but want to use the “My Site” Links since they are using in all Farms.

The easy way to manage is using SharePoint Central Administration and manage the user permission,

There you add the user or AD Group you want to manage and select the features associate to Social features you want to manage. "Create Personal Site" for My Site and "Use Social Features" for Tags and Notes.

After you accept this options you can access the SharePoint Site and see the final result.

 The tags and note will appear disable in some areas but we cannot do anything.

The second thought I have was turn off the “Tags and Note Board Feature Ribbon Controls” to disable all options and images associated with tags and  notes.
When we access to SharePoint Central Administration and Manage the “Farm Features” the Feature “Social Tags and Note Board Feature Ribbon Controls” is activated and when we access to a SharePoint Site the social features will appear.
When I turned off this Feature the “My Site” and “My Profile” also disappear, after found this issue start to research how the Social Feature is configured.
This feature is located in the Hive Folder where SharePoint 2010 is install with the name SocialRibbonControl “C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\14\TEMPLATE\FEATURES\SocialRibbonControl”
This Feature have 2 different files, one is to configure the “Tag and Notes” Ribbon and the configure the new actions for Social Features.
After some research on the content of the Files I started to create a new feature to response the new requisites.
To manage the “My Sites” links I created a custom Feature where the action is associated, for this feature I added the Scope “Farm” and will be active for all SharePoint Sites.
To support the Activation of “My Sites” Links I add to the feature the following configuration action in the Feature support File. This action will add the “My Site” and “My profile” links without appear the “Tags and Notes” option.
To activate only this actions recommend deactivate the “Social Tags and Note Board Feature Ribbon Controls” and activate the new feature “My Site Links without Tag and Notes”.
After this change you can access to your SharePoint Sites and validate if appear the “My Site” and “My profile” Link without “Tags and Notes”…
(No option for “Tags and Notes” only the “My Site” Link)

The MySiteLinks.wsp Solution Link
Hope you like,Smile

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