Monday, September 12, 2011

Open New Page "Quick Launch" (Beginner)

This is other simple hint post about SharePoint and how users can configure the quick launch in a way they can open in different page or use the ECMAScript, this is very requested by users to create some flexibility on pages.

This example show 2 links in the red, each one will have differents actions.
The first link "SharePoint 2010 Forum" will open in new page the MSDN SharePoint 2010 Social Forums.
The Second link "SharePoint PT" will open in Modal dialog the SharePointPT page.

To change the Left Menu, you will need to access "Site Actions > Site Settings> Quick Launch"

 There you can add or manage the Links injecting JavaScript to response the requirements from each client.

Using JavaScript we can inject actions to open the link in new page.
javascript:(void'','SharePoint 2010 Forum'));

Using ECMAScript from SharePoint 2010 Client Object API to open page with Modal Dialog.
javascript:(void SP.UI.ModalDialog.showModalDialog({title: 'SharePoint PT',showMaximized: true,url: ''}));

After we select the link on the left "SharePoint PT" the Modal dialog will popup and show the Page.

Very easy we can customize the links without do customization or change html on Left Menu....

Hope this help....

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