Tuesday, October 11, 2011

uCertify Exams PreKit evaluation

Some time ago uCertify, a certified company to prepare IT person for exams from different company's like "Microsoft, Oracle....", they invite me to review their product to prepare for SharePoint 2010 exams, in this Case for Microsoft Exam 70-668 PRO: Microsoft SharePoint 2010, Administrator.

I have to admit, i didn't have a lot of time to review their product until last weekend.
I was surprised with the quality of their product and how they prepare the training and provide the information.

I found it very intuitive to manage the different exams with the uCertify application.
The application have a lot of features to help you prepare for the exam, will a lot of Articles an tips to help.
The ability to create your own exams with a lot of possible question, a lot of them.... helps the user to create different type of exams and area knowledge about SharePoint 2010, this is really good...
When you are making the different test you have a real simulation of the exam with the time consumed and review associated to each question.
You can also give the feedback of each question or ask for help for other users (Collaboration)... "that i never see before" :)
Each exam is stored that will be use later for review and statistics, this make the user easy access for review and correction their exams.
There is a step by step for each question and answer associated with description, this will help you understand where was your mistake and how you can correct.

There is one thing that bored me, the questions... But i have to be fair, i already made a lot of exams on Microsoft and the questions are very hard to understand without a context, that's always confuse me, but the most interesting the Ucertify, following the same type of question as Microsoft, that is very good with this exams you can always have a picture what type of questions you can find on Microsoft Exams.

As final result is a good and useful training tool to prepare for the Microsoft SharePoint exams.
Remember there is a lot of previous study and uCertify provides a lot of content to prepare for exams and questions about SharePoint 2010 Administration you just didn't know...


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