Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Office 2013 Preview release Today

Hi all,

As you already know Microsoft launched the "Office 2013 Preview" in this package is also included the SharePoint 2013.

Everybody is very excited with the new SharePoint 2013 will be, Layouts, features, applications, IT Infrastructure, Client Object Model, etc, etc.
Will be very interresting time and also a back to school to learn this new Features, belive me....

Documentation about SharePoint 2013

Nice collection of links from Jeremy Thake and Joel Oleson

Have fun and don't burns your head trying playing day and night with the new SharePoint 2013 and being the first one creating articles about the new SharePoint. First, learn about the new Version tool and then surprise yourself with the oportunities you find in the future in the final release :) .

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