Wednesday, May 21, 2014

My List of Tools for SharePoint Apps - SharePoint Hosted

This last month  i have been working with SharePoint App - SharePoint Hosted for collaborative Sites and want to give feedback from some of the tools that help me create the some Apps base in JSOM.

Here is a small List of Extensions  and solutions you can use when you are creating SharePoint apps as SharePoint Hosted:

Web Essentials

This Visual Studio extension it's something that every Web Developer should have, will help you to optimize you Web Files such us CSS/JS and Images, this options will reduce the size of images and files and will be faster to Load the script in the Web Site.
  • Minify Javascript and CSS Files
  • Optimize Images


For your Mental sanity i recommend to use this extension, this extension copies the File from Visual Studio Solution to the SharePoint App site with a simple Click and will avoid all the process of uninstall and install App with Debugger of JavaScript and time consumption.
I never use Visual Studio debugger to catch JavaScript errors to don't have to call a exorcist when the F5 is Hit, i can recommend to use Internet Explorer "Developer Tools" is more efficient and more direct on the problem.

SharePoint Client Browser for SharePoint 2013

I use every day to get Object properties/Metadata/XML/Schema/REST/Data that is possible using SharePoint Client Object Model, has been a huge helper when i need SharePoint Dsta from SharePoint Sites.

Internet Explorer Developer Tools (F12)

 Internet Explorer developer tool has been a nice Swiss knife tool  to compile, debug, capture Traffic and Web analysis , the amount of times i used by day to Test and capture errors is really amazing, already save me a lot of time and did a lot of IT administrative work on the site just using JSOM and the Console from IE.


This tool helps to identify Web traffic and more specific SharePoint Data traffic, when you are working with JSON Data and Cross-Domain call's, it's also very usefull to capture Url error and other internet traffic 

JavaScript Parser

When you are are creating your JavaScript Object Model the JavaScript Parser could be a good Helper to identify the existing Methods and properties to easily reuse and get the correct values.

"Napa" Office 365 Development Tools

It's is nice tool for a beginner but with the type of development i am used to work, it's somehow limited and required a good base of start, all the basic stuff is there to create your initial App but for something more complex is Productive but not efficient, (when  this starts to happen can recommend use the NAPA option to export Solution to Visual Studio).

Visual Studio 2013

This is clear, but the reason i want to make focus is the ability to manage the files to be deployed in your SharePoint App, when you are working with development and Minify JavaScript or CSS files the developer needs to define the files that needs to be included in the SharePoint App. 
When you have your solution ready to be deploy i can recommend to include the Minify files (updated automatically using Web Essentials to be included in the final App Solution, for this you can change the property of the file "Deployment Type" to "NoDeployment" when you don't want to include in the App or change to "ElementFile" to include in your SharePoint App.

SharePoint 2013: Import, validate, and manage app licenses
My last tool is the test of the SharePoint Licenses on your app. I recommend download this tool to simulate the App Licenses (Free, Trial, Paid) before you sent to Microsoft Store for Microsoft Validation. 


Small article but hope could help you in your development and avoid the infamous Error 404 - Boat not found

Photo taken by Mark Hässig

Kind regards, 
André Lage

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