Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Processlynx Team Organization Chart launch in Office Store

After the launch of the SharePoint App Processlynx Ribbon Manager a new App was launch in Microsoft Office Store call Processlynx Team Organization Chart.

This app allows content managers to create an organization chart to visually display structures of e.g. teams or business units. The organization chart can include contact details of each member, is exportable to e.g. Microsoft Outlook.

The goal of the app is to create a simple Organization chart that try to focus  specific groups/team or projects that is not described in the organization of the company or in the UserProfiles of the company and they want to show who they are. 
This Organization chart app is for presentation purposes.

The App provides a App part where you can add in the SharePoint site to display the Organization Chart, also gives the ability to zoom the chart when a lots of nodes are display in the app Part.

This App is base in SharePoint-Hosted and uses REST and HTML5 to create the Organization chart.

The app "Processlynx Team Organization Chart" can be found in Microsoft Office Store in the following link:

Here are some screenshoots of the Processlynx Organization Chart App.

Here are some videos of the SharePoint App on how you can manage and configure the App.

This app show how we can configure the nodes and dependencies and include the App Part in the SharePoint Site to present the Organization Chart in the SharePoint Site.

This Video shows how the App interacts with the Look and feel of the SharePoint Site to maintain the integrity in Site as one.

Here a presentation of the "Processlynx Team Organization Chart"

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