Wednesday, September 10, 2014

35º Meeting of the Portuguese SharePoint User Group

The next Saturday, 13 of september will be the 35º Meeting of the Portuguese SharePoint User Group.

If you are in Lisbon in this date and if you like SharePoint the event will be made in the Portuguese Microsoft Offices located in the following link:

Link for the event:

Here a overview of the Sessions:

Manage, govern and drive adoption of SharePoint Online with PowerShell and CSOM
To achieve a successful deployment SharePoint Online for the Enterprise
requires to be driven by well-defined Governance policies and procedures.
Automation plays a key role to increase manageability and drive adoption in a controlled an structured way.

In this demo-oriented session you will learn how to manage, govern and
monitor the adoption of SharePoint Online sites
by using Windows PowerShell, CSOM and automation.
Nuno Oliveira Costa, Microsoft

Bio-Sketch: Working in SharePoint related technologies since version

2003.He joined Microsoft since 2010, and he spends most of his days supporting

premier Portuguese customers, helping them to improve their business
by having a healthy SharePoint Infrastructure and a strong knowledge in SharePoint onprem and Online technologies.
João Oliveira, Microsoft

Bio-Sketch: Background as consultant, developing SharePoint solutions

for Intranet as well as public-facing portals.

As PFE EMEA, I support mainly Portuguese and European customers with SharePoint both onprem and Online, by delivering proactive services
(SharePoint RAPs, Workshops, onsite custom support) as well as reactive services.

Collaborative SharePoint and JavaScript "Real World"
Overview of different techniques in Javascript and JSOM/REST to support and create solutions for collaboratives Sites (Office365/SharePoint 2013/SharePoint 2013 Foundation).

-Overview of SharePoint Javascript Object Model (JSOM) and REST
-Support Javascript plug-in in SharePoint
-Jquery, AngularJS, Knockoutjs,
-Object Oriented inJavaScript and Business solutions
-Site Customization using Javascript
-Manage Scriptlinks, Ribbons and Custom actions as plataform of development
-Manage Code, versions and cache issues
-Client Side Rendering (CSR)
-Manage Minimal Download Strategy with JavaScript
-Intregration of SharePoint-Hosted App parts to Host-Web
-Support Tools
André Lage, Datalynx

Bio-Sketch: SharePoint MVP, Systems Architect, Technical Leader and Consultant on SharePoint Corporate Portals with international focus.

Supports the major communities and Microsoft Sharepoint Forums Microsoft, and also participates in Sharepoint community,

Focusing on SharePoint technologies and development of SharePoint applications in Office Store or Codeplex.

Speaker in different Conferences about SharePoint such us, Techdays in Portugal, Community days in Spain, Collaboration Days in Switzerland, ask the expert "SharePoint" in Swiss Techdays, speaker on SharePoint Iberian Conference in Spain and speaker on SharePoint User group in Portugal.

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