Friday, March 20, 2015

SharePoint Saturday Helsinki recap

The last weekend i was in Helsinki for the SharePoint Saturday Conference and was great experience with a lot of Office 365 and SharePoint sessions. 

I want to give a big thank you for the organizers of the Helsinki SharePoint Conference, Jussi Roine and Jussi Mori for making the conference happen.

I would also like to thanks all the person who were in my session and bellow is my session shared in SlideShare.

The SharePoint Saturday in Helsinki was a great moment to see really great sessions with very well known and amazing speakers from the Office 365 and SharePoint Community, here a link with the speakers and sessions,

It was really nice to know a little better some of the speakers, even some of them already know them like Serge Luca or Matthias Eining,  but also know some persons like Maarten Eekels, Paolo Pialorsi, Tomi Tavela and Vesa Juvonen and others that was a pleasure to meet them. 

To the persons who were in my session, i hope you like it, 

Kind regards, 
André Lage

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