Saturday, November 10, 2007

Create Network Folder ms-dos command prompt in active directory

When you have a server and you want use active directory do give some rules and shared permission to some folder, in that rules you can create network folder on you windows explorer to easy acces to folder, here a litle example:

net use drivepath: \\FolderPath\Folder

net use z: \\\Documents

create a map.bat or other file
1. AD in the Organizational Unit of the group you wish to add an unmap folder
2. edit gPolicy then put it in the
3. User COnfiguration
- Windows Setting
- Scripts
-add the Map.bat
4. log off login the user to test it or you can use this lines
net use \\[server name ex: server.companyname.local]\ipc$ /user:[Username] [Password]
to connect

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