Saturday, January 31, 2009

SharePoint, Moving all databases to a different database server

Microsoft have launch documentation "Moving all databases to a different database server or a server with the same name" about SharePoint Databases.

This is great, have a lot of calls about moving databases.... belive me, i saw some terrible things people make in SQL server.....

Hope this help...

Manual "Developing Custom Applications with SharePoint Server 2007"

Are you starting and need documentation about SharePoint, create custom applications and how we can start,
Microsoft have a excelent manual about Developing in Sharepoint, here a link to download:
Developing Custom Applications with SharePoint Server 2007

Every day i see SharePoint that,now and future... have been working with Sharepoint about 2006 when microsoft have launch the Sharepoint 2007 beta trials, now is such a powerfull tool, but first time i work, was very hard to get all that litle things dont have docs, but now have a lot of info and external tool, SharePoint is growing every day...

Hope this Help

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Sharepoint Custom Welcome Control

Hello, back to a new Year....

Not a very good one but life continues :)

Today will example how welcome control can be change and his limitations....
The Control is save on your Sharepoint instalation C:\.....12\template\ControlTemplates\welcome.ascx.
Whe you Want to create a new Welcome Control i allways recomend create new Folder Like CustomFolder and add the new .ASCX controls, never on default Folder.
Why? People allways make mistakes like change default *.ascx or delete.
When you create your WSP Project, you organize your customization from default, and Dont forget Service Packs, normaly restore default pages with service pack...

When you edit the Welcome.ascx page you will see the default menu options.
There you can create Menu sequence, Description, Image, Text and Javacript Events call, and validate with Permission of SharePoint

On your SharePoint Designer open _catalog\masterpage\default.master
Find the line _controltemplates\welcome.ascx and change to your new Welcome.ascx page.

One more thing The default text on welcome.ascx "Welcome [username]" is get by "SPResource.GetString("WelcomeUser",new object[] {name});", and you can change The Welcome Name using Javascript and Internet Explorer Developer Toolbar.

wictor Wilen have change a WSP to customize your Welcome control name, will help you on customization.

Hope this help....