Thursday, August 26, 2010

SharePoint Book "Microsof Silverlight 4 and SharePoint 2010 Integration"

Hello people,

Today i will talk about integration Microsoft SilverLight and SharePoint 2010 and i am making so many effort to people start working because the feedback you will get from clients will be so great :).

SharePoint 2010 have a lot of new services, one of them is the Client Object Model to support calls to SharePoint 2010.
This new service have a very good integration with Silverligth "to good to be ignore" and one of the big problems on sharepoint 2007 was User Interface.
This are some of the most important issues i get from client, “is hard to do simple task”, “why give the post back”, “ajax is complex”, browser support problems, and Branding problems.
How to resolve this problems? Simple just Silverlight.
I am giving some conferences on how you can integrate SharePoint content with Silverlight, using the SharePoint Client API, Rest Services, WCF Data Services, External Data and the default Web Parts.
More and more every we will to interact with this new feature with SharePoint 2010 and Visual Studio 2010 .
This new feature will need some skills on Visual Studio 2010 and we need to understand how we can create and interact with Sandbox SharePoint solution or Farm deployment.
I have been lucky to get book from with integration SharePoint 2010 with Silverlight 4.

0066_Cover Microsoft Silverlight 4 and SharePoint 2010 Integration

One of the most usefull book i read about integration Silverlight and SharePoint 2010.
Every time i read had a new ideia to create solution with SharePoint
Give a excelent tip and trick on how to create Solution with Silverlight with Visual Studio 2010 and how to debug them.
A very complete overview on How to get Data from diferent ways and interact with them.
Show how can WCF Data Services be our best friend.
Microsoft SharePoint BCS and Workflows can be integrated with Silverlight, this two topics i learn a lot on the book.
A lot of examples turning everything easy to follow step by step.
This book use and show a loot of good tools to help you creating Sharepoint 2010 with Silverlight solutions.
A excelent overview on Siverlight Web Parts and how turn a improve on sharepoint Portals
There is no way back and i use every time i can.

What you Learn with this Book:

  • Develop and host Silverlight Rich Internet Applications in SharePoint 2010 Pages
  • Deploy and debug a Silverlight RIA included in a SharePoint solution by using the new SharePoint deployment features offered by Visual Studio 2010
  • Take advantage of Silverlight 4 features to create rich UX for SharePoint solutions
  • Work with asynchronous SharePoint requests and queries, and debug their execution
  • Retrieve information from SharePoint lists, workflows, and libraries
  • Use Silverlight applications to read, insert, update, and delete items from SharePoint 2010 lists and external data sources
  • Combine external data sources in SharePoint 2010 and interact with them through Silverlight
  • Create Web Parts that host multiple Silverlight applications
  • Create Visual Web Parts that render Silverlight applications
  • Consume SharePoint 2010 WCF Data Services in Silverlight applications
  • Use Silverlight multimedia controls and features to display information to users taking advantage of the processing power offered by their client computers
  • Enhance the responsiveness offered by SharePoint 2010 Visual Web Parts by transforming them into Silverlight Rich Internet Applications
  • Link to Book

    alt : Chapter No. 1 - Integrating Silverlight 4 with Share Point 2010

    Sunday, August 01, 2010

    Swiss national holiday

    Just start my wekend with a nice party at basel with lot of bier and salsichs, just can't say the name on German...
    Working with sharepoint gave me nice days :) and beatiful places to visit :)...