Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Business Process Management in SharePoint

In the Last Event of the SharePointPT Mark Miller talk about BPM (Business Process Management) can be critical when you are implementing SharePoint, Recomend read this Books.

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eBook: How Can Companies Kill the Things that Kill Productivity
written by: Steve Russell
Steve Russell has spent over 25 years in the technology trenches. In his first eBook for EndUserSharePoint.com he shares six of the main stumbling blocks he has found when trying to analyze and manage typical business problems.How Can Companies Kill the Things that Kill Productivity? is a six part series originally published on EUSP. In this 24 page eBook version, Steve layouts common scenarios for recognizing productivity killers in your organization and how to slay them. Download the book to learn more about how you can kill your productivity killers!

Whitepaper: SharePoint and BPM - Finding the Sweetspot
written by: Derek Miers

Despite Microsoft’s best attempts to position the SharePoint platform for content and collaboration, many people still see it as a business process management (BPM) platform. The process management features of SharePoint 2010 are better than MOSS 2007, but they’re more limited than most modern BPM suites. Why? SharePoint 2010 processes are constrained by Windows Workflow Foundation (WF). When developers build process-oriented applications that leverage WF, they often find themselves hardcoding static, brittle interfaces that add to the total cost of ownership (TCO).

To use SharePoint 2010 as part of an enterprisewide BPM strategy, customers must add a comprehensive, SharePoint-oriented business process management suite (BPMS), which will raise vendor license costs, but lower overall TCO and risk.... to read more about "Finding the Sweetspot", download the whitepaper today!

Whitepaper: BPM Primer - People and Processes
written by: Colin Teubner

What is BPM? Today, many software vendors and consultants sell the benefits of “BPM.” depending on who you’re asking, BPM stands for a variety of things – business process management, business process monitoring, or business process modeling. It’s also surrounded by an orbit of other confusing acronyms – SOA, BAM, BRMS, BPA – the list goes on. It’s a wonder that anyone has figured out what these vendors are selling and purchased their products.

If you’re at the beginning of learning what BPM is all about, you will want to download this Whitepaper and learn more!

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