Monday, January 24, 2011

SharePoint CKS Project new Release 1.2

The CKS: Development Tools Edition Project is one of the most interresting project created for the SharePoint Community, to help customize the SharePoint Solutions.
I really think everyone must have this project and validate in what can help you to turn your life more easy...

Verify what the new release of the CKS Project have...

The current 1.2 release includes the following features:
WSPBuilder conversion tool (WCT) beta - This 'beta' release of the WSPBuilder project importer project template allows a developer to migrate a SharePoint root based project structure to the new SharePoint Tool SPIs based file layout. The WCT is packaged with both Foundation and Server editions of CKSDev.
Improved Quick Deploy - Stability improvements to the Quick Deploy features.
Keyboard shortcuts - Introduction of Keyboard shortcuts for the menu items provided by the extension.
Updated Full Trust Proxy SPI - Improvements to the Full Trust Proxy SPI to include the deployment feature receiver.
Restart processes menus - Restart the Timer service, User code process and the VS host process.
Attach to processes menus - Attach to the Timer service, User code process and the VS host process.
Solution level Package all - Package all SharePoint projects within your solution from the Solution context menu.
Improved import Content Types - Improved to now support importing from subsite content types.
Branding SPI - New SPI providing branding with masterpage, css and deployment feature receiver.
Improved Fluent visual web part SPI - Improved code output to provide a more robust example code base.
Basic service application SPI - New SPI for a basic service application.
WCF service SPI - New SPI to produce a WCF service hosted within SharePoint.
SharePoint PowerShell cmdlet SPI - New basic PowerShell cmdlet SPI.
SharePoint PowerShell pipe binding SPI - New basic PowerShell pipe binding SPI.
Improved copy assembly name menu - Includes build project call during copy.

Good work :)

Friday, January 14, 2011

New year, new "LightUp Sharepoint Developer Roadshow - Portugal"

Microsoft Portugal, will launch a new RoadShow for SharePoint 2010, if you have the chance, go for it, SharePoint Online with 2010 feature is not the future is NOW....

This event will be at 7 of February, get your ticket now...

Overview of Event

The LightUp Sharepoint Developer roadshow is a free Microsoft event targeted at managers of development teams, developers and architects interested in advanced solutions, stylish and interactive platform Sharepoint. Throughout this day we present you the different options for development of advanced solutions to its customers Sharepoint, and how to use the different Microsoft platforms and tools for this purpose, such as Visual Studio 2010 or Silverlight. This event is an ideal opportunity to get to know the connection between the world of SharePoint and Microsoft's overall vision for the area of development as well as to learn how to enjoy everything that this platform has to offer, well beyond the out-of -the-box.

The agenda for this event, conducted in English, is as follows:

9h00: Reception and Accreditation
9.30: Introduction to SharePoint development 2010/BPOS (45 Min)
10h15: Light Up SharePoint with Silverlight (60 Min)
11:15: Coffee Break
11.30: Professional SharePoint development with VS2010 (60 Min)
12h30: Free Lunch
14h00: Team Development and ALM for SharePoint projects (45 Min)
14.45: Testing SharePoint Solutions - Overview (45 Min)
15.30: Coffee Break
15.45: Technical Community Session (60 min)
16.45: Wrap-Up (15 Min)
17h00: Closure

Saturday, January 01, 2011

SharePoint Server MVP 2011

After a good night with friends for the New Year's Eve, i came today at home and open and saw email from Microsoft and i tell to my self "Ok, i renewed... I have party again :)", then start to spread the news that i renewed the SharePoint Services MVP, then i read again the email and i saw "contributions in SharePoint Server technical communities during the past year."
So i didn´t renewed as SharePoint Services but i have new MVP "SharePoint Server".

Wow, I am SharePoint Server MVP

Thank you for all your support, really thanks you for following and be there....
Have a fantastic 2011...