Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Edit List templates Pages SharePoint Designer/Infopath 2010

This article will try to help you use the Tools like SharePoint Designer and Infopath 2010 to change the Edit Page for the List Templates.
SharePoint 2010 give us 2 Way to customize the List Form using external tools:
  • SharePoint Designer 2010
  • Infopath
When we are using the Out of the box List, and when we are creating a new item SharePoint 2010 popup new window and the List new Item page will appear using the listform Out of the Box.

To customize the This page and create a new Page Form you can use the SharePoint Designer 2010 accessing the List and change the Forms options.
If we try to edit one of the Out of the box page Forms files, by default the list use “ListformWebPart” we can customize using the list settings and content Types.
To create a new Custom Form to customize the page and field associated to Content Types associated to the List.
To create the new custom page to add new items need to select from the group “Forms” and select New, there you add the name of the page the actions Associated “New/Edit/Display”, you can define the page as “Set as default form for the selected Type” to assume as default page form.
After Create and configure the page the page will be accessible to the group “Forms” as default New Item page.
After we create the New Page to create Items we can edit the Page and customize the Page, in this case I add some custom Text “This is a custom Form”.
After edit the page and save, when we create a new item the new form will appear with the text changed.

If you want to customize the List Forms for select Ribbon “List>Customize List>Customize Form” the Infopath 2010 will appear the Form ready to Customize.

With the Infopath open we can customize and design the Form very easily using Commands and Layouts that come from Infopath.

After the Customization is done we can publish the Form to the List, to change the default html to new Customize Infopath Forms.

After we publish the Infopath Form, you can create the a new Item task and the Infopath from will pop-up.

To Deactivate the Form with Infopatha we need to access the “List>List Settings” from the List and select “Form Settings”

There we can retract, delete the InfoPath Form or modify the Forms.

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