Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Activate Publishing Pages Button in SharePoint Designer 2010

The idea for this article came from one friend that asked me how we can create Publishing Pages using SharePoint Designer 2010, the main reason why he ask me this question was because he didn't find the Button for new Page that exist in SharePoint Designer 2007.
My answer was, why you don't add the button "Page" from SharePoint Designer 2007 in the Ribbon?
Since he didn't know how to do that, i will give this example on how you can customize the Ribbon in SharePoint Designer 2010.

To create Publishing Page you need to have Features Publishing activated.

If you try to create a new Page or file you don't have the option in the Ribbons to create a Publishing Page.

To customize your Ribbon you need to access the option "More Commands".

In the SharePoint Designer Options select the option "Customize Ribbon" and create a new group for this example i have created the following group "New Page with Publishing > Page" and add the Command "Page..." as represented in the image below.

When you access to SharePoint designer 2010 Ribbon will have a new option call "New Page with Publishing" and with option Page.. 

When you click in option "Page" the old New Page Form from SharePoint 2007 will appear, and you can chose the tab "SharePoint Content > SharePoint Publishing

From there you can customize you Publishing Layout Page and add the Content Type field associated to Publishing.

After you create this Page Layout you are able to use as Page Template in your SharePoint Site.

Very easy to create and ready to use.

Hope you like,