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SharePoint App Processlynx Custom Action and Ribbon Manager Launch

Some days ago my blog reached 200.000 viewers after long time, i know i know it's not that much and is far from the millions of viewers from other SharePoint Sites, but to celebrate this little achivement want to communicate the launch of the SharePoint App (Processlynx Custom Action and Ribbon Manager).

This app made by Processlynx AG (Swiss company based in Basel) by their Collaboration team. This process started wit feedback/requests from Site Administrators asking to provide more flexibility for the customization of the Ribbons and SharePoint Site Menus actions to better response end users in few minutes. 
There was also the need to dont break Company Policies like "No SharePoint Designer, Branding considerations, no changing of Masterpages, etc"  and no requests for Farm solutions and deployments, this could take ages and most probably will not be approved by IT Administrators. 
Forget Sandbox Solutions, most of big Corporations don't allow or require a lot of validation and Microsoft recommends to evaluate all possible changes and impacts when deployed.

If you want to use the Demo Version in Office Store you can access the following link:
New features released for app Processlynx Custom Action and Ribbon Manager:

To support the Site Administrators we came with the Processlynx Custom Action and Ribbon Manager App to provide a extended Out of the Box funcionality to Site administrators, normaly manage by SharePoint Consultants and Developers for Custom Actios, Ribbons and Scripts.

Why this solutions was created

      The Processlynx Custom Action and Ribbon Manager was created to help Site Administrators manage Custom Actions, Ribbons Customization and Scripts in their SharePoint Sites. 

      The App uses a user friendly interface that reduces in minutes the task of Customization the SharePoint Site.
     This App could avoid installations of Solution in the Farm.
     This App uses SharePoint Client Side Code to reproduce some operations like in Server Side code.

      The granularity of the functionality is SharePoint Sub Site to response each business requirements.

  • Today developers create Custom Actions/Ribbons/Scripts in complex XML structures that can take hours to make and deploy.
  •  The App Customization don’t change Files such us (Masterpages/Pages) to better support Company Policies.
  • This App solution is SharePoint-Hosted Base to dont have external access to response security concerm.


Custom Actions
       Customize the SharePoint Site creating new Custom Actions,

Custom Ribbons
       Customize the SharePoint Site using Custom Ribbons, Add/remove icons or ribbons,
       User friendly design to easly create the Actions.

       Manage Custom Scripts to customize SharePoint Sites and quickly respond to business requirements.

Custom Design
       Define the site footer, provide corporate productivity functions in Sharepoint Ribbon.
Here some example os custom Design supported by Scriptlinks using the Processlynx App

Reclycling Bin
      The App has a Recycle Bin to delete and restore User Custom Actions from Site Administrators
      The Reclycle Bin can be stored in the SharePoint Site or App Site.

      The Apps stores errors from the SharePoint App

Keep the Look and feel

The SharePoint App uses the same Styles from the SharePoint Site to keep the integrity.


This apps will be in the Microsoft Store?
- No, there is no plans to include the full App in the Office because of "Validation policies for the apps submitted to the Office Store". This app uses full-control permission in the Web Site. There are under evaluation two possible App's for Microsoft Store (a Free Version of the App to include some Custom actions in App Site as demo) and a Paid App (to include Custom Actions/Ribbons).
The Free version of the Processlynx Custom Action and Ribbon Manager can be accessed here:

Who can I talk to or contact for more information about this App?
- If you want a presentation/demo of the App Solution please contact our Marketing Department

There are videos about the app and what can be done?
- The Site is under construction but more material will appear, but there are examples/tutorials videos on how we can work with the Processlynx App:

Youtube Videos:

Presentation Powerpoint

Link example:

Tutorial Videos

Plx ScriptLink:
The following example show how we can use the App to associate Scripts from Librariesadd deploy in the SharePoint Site. 


Plx Custom Ribbon:
The following example show how we can create a simple Ribbon using the App and associate to Document Libraries.
The Ribbons uses the same options that is defined in the XML structure when we used in a declarative way.


Plx Look and Feel:
The following example shows how the app was made to assume the same Look and feel from the SharePoint Site, in the design was used the same styles to maintain integrity of the SharePoint Site with the App.


Plx Recycle Bin:
The following example show how we can configure the Recycle Bin in the App and define the location of the Recycle Bin.
There is 2 possible locations: Host Site (SharePoint Site) or App Site (App Solution Site)


Plx Override Control:
The following example show how we can manage and override existing Ribbon Controls in the SharePoint like "Hide Explorer Viewer" using pre-defined Ribbons Values.


Plx Custom Actions:
The following example show how we can use the App to create new Menu/Item Menu/Site Settings Custom options in the SharePoint Site that could help adding new funcionalities to better support end users.

Plx Complex Ribbons:
The following example show how we can use the App to create complex Ribbon Actions such us, Group Template, add Group Template to existing Lists, override existing Ribbon Option with new funcionalities and Hide existing Ribbons Controls and disable Ribbons Options by code.


Plx Ribbon Image:
The following example show how we can use the App to add Out of the Box Images or Custom Images from Libraries and select the Image area to be associated with the Ribbon Button Control.


Plx Ribbon Content Type:
The following example show how we can use the App to add a Ribbon Control to be associated to a specific List/Library content type.

PlxRibbon Content Type

Plx Ribbon Flyout Anchor:
The following example show how we can use the App to add a Ribbon Control with Flyout Anchor and include in a Document Library.


With a week of work we were able to create this App and create a Business Model base in a request from Site Collections, this is approach we can have with the SharePoint App Model.

PS:The processlynx Site is under construction new material will come in the following time.
For more information please contact"All code is protected by Copyright".

More Videos with examples will come, hope you enjoy this article. 

Kind regards, 
André Lage

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