Friday, December 31, 2021

Rebuild dev skills 2021 for M365

 After been out for some years working with community (MVP 2010 to 2017) but stopped (work and some how burn out reasons) this year have the boost to upgrade my skills and return on contributions. 

Thank you all and always take your time and reward will always arrive, just put focus on the deliveries and improve your self.

Below would like to share my list of contributions for 2021: 

SharePoint Framework React Controls

  • dragDropFiles

SharePoint Framework Client Side Web Part

  • OneDrive finder + article

  • Follow Document

SharePoint Framework Extensions

  • Follow Document

Viva Connection ACEs

  • follow documents ace

List Formatting

  • tic tac toe format
  • teams call format
  • Search Tag format
  • Tree format
  • date update format
  • Image Slider format
  • Date column compress
  • Clipboard format
  • Menu Tiles format
  • Teams group chat
Below screenshot of all format included in my demo site

(all samples are in PR state)

Microsoft Graph Toolkit

  • mgt-file-upload

And off course 

Microsoft 365 PnP Weekly РEpisode 139 РAndr̩ Lage

#Microsoft365Dev #PnP #SPFx #AdaptiveCard #ACEs #MSFTViva #MicrosoftGraphToolkit #MicrosoftGraph #m365

Hope you enjoy this article and happy new year. 😃

André L